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Maysville Mason County Tourism

Maysville Floodwall Murals


Are you interested in the history of Maysville? Have you ever wondered what life was like in this river town over 100 years ago? Experience downtown Maysville during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries by visiting the floodwall murals at Limestone Landing.

The Maysville Floodwall Mural Project began in 1998 as a way to showcase the history of the town, beautify the floodwall, and promote tourism – all beneficial to the Maysville community.


One mural, located at the end of Sutton Street, represents the importance of the tobacco industry and the impact it has had on the growth of the Maysville area. The two murals at the end of Market Street depict the Old Germantown Fairgrounds and the Bankstand that once graced middle Market Street.


Our newest mural, completed in September 2007 and located east of Limestone Landing, pays tribute to Maysville native, Rosemary Clooney.


Louisiana mural artist Robert Dafford has recreated the early history of Maysville on the floodwall. Since 1976, Dafford has created over 300 murals in cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas, Washington and California as well as in Belgium, Canada and France.


With as many as five painters working with him on a panel, Dafford designs the composition of the work, then the other painters apply the initial colors and shapes, withDdafford concentrating on the final details. He not only wants the historic panels to be informative, but he also wants them to entertain. You will feel you can step into the history of Maysville and the area as you view the extraordinary work of the crew of Dafford murals.


Before the actual painting begins, extensive research is completed in the communities where Robert Dafford works. While in Maysville, Dafford works with the Historic Committee headed by John Klee and Jean Calvert. While the history is being researched and the mural is being designed, Roberts brother, Doug Dafford begins preparing the wall and then it must cure for at least 30 days before painting can begin.


For more information on tours available in the area, please click on the link below. Then click on Tourism in the column on the lefthand side.



Kentucky Gateway Museum Center


Explorers. Movie stars. Artists. Pioneers. Slaves. Everyone who ever passed through this part of Kentucky or called it home left a story behind. Some are stories of courage and great achievement, others of love and everyday survival. The more we explore those struggles and dreams, the more we understand our own.


Now, by showcasing three dynamic collections in one place, the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center brings all the stories of the Maysville region into fascinating focus:


Our Genealogical & Historical Research Library sheds light on the people and events of a seven-county area through an extensive collection of books, manuscripts and documents from the past 300 years.


Our Regional History Museum illuminates the past through award-winning dioramas, more than 4,000 regional artifacts and a gallery of fine art related to Maysville and Kentucky.


And our Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection looks at the world from a new perspective through mesmerizing, 1/12-scale reproductions of homes, furnishings, clothing, artwork and people.


Step outside the center, and you will discover that Maysville’s stately architecture has more than a few great tales to tell, as does the pioneer graveyard located behind the Center.


For more details, visit the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center’s website:

Kentucky Gateway Museum Center


201 E. Third St • Maysville, KY • 41056 • Phone: 606.564.5534 • Fax: 606.564.5535 •